About Us

Are you searching for everything a mom-to-be needs? Finding maternity/nursing clothes, organic pregnancy and nursing products, birth classes, holistic prenatal services, or genuine judgment-free support can be tough in Central MN.

For All of Maternity is more than a retail maternity shop... it's a village. You've heard that corny catchphrase, "It takes a village"? Yeah, we're THAT village. Parents nowadays are inundated with more information than previous generations, shouldering more difficult questions and choices, and subject to more scrutiny. We're here for you!

maternity store st cloud mn

Our belief is that mothers need real life connection more than ever before, not just Facebook group venting. At For All of Maternity, we strive to uphold values of open-mindedness, compassion, honest communication, and authenticity. We want you to feel safe here - to shop, to seek information, to heal, and to connect! We continue to network, learn, and grow so that we truly are the resource hub you deserve.

Our community is passionate about you being the decision maker during your journey into motherhood - through fertility, pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding journeys. Wherever you're at, we want to meet you there and support you in finding what you need - whether that's referrals for a specific professional, relief from pregnancy pains, maternity/nursing attire for work, or assistance with the right nursing bra. Our name says it best: "For ALL of Maternity!" We're your one-stop-shop in the Centennial Plaza on Veteran's Drive in St. Cloud, MN.

We offer a wide array of services including prenatal and pediatric chiropractic, prenatal and postnatal massage, dynamic body balancing and craniosacral therapies, homebirth midwifery, doula services, breastfeeding classes and support, birth classes, and an extensive lending library. We also have beautiful space to host baby showers, gender reveal parties, 1st birthdays, and blessingways. Check our calendar for upcoming events so you can expand your village!