About Us

For All of Maternity's mission is for every woman's journey to motherhood to be well supported and full of joy. Let's take back pregnancy, our bodies, and our births, and revel in the awe of what we can do - bring forth life! We strive to provide clothing and products that are affordable and have a longer shelf-life than a few months of your pregnancy. We want to be supporting you for ALL of maternity, not just part of it!

Paula Roufs, the founder, is passionate about empowering women's voices through life's transformations. She works as a birth doula, prenatal bodyworker, and educator. You can learn more about her and what she offers on PaulaRoufs.com. For All of Maternity initially started in 2018 as a resource hub in Central MN, connecting families and building villages around new moms. With the disruption of COVID, on-site services, support groups, and events were no more... the retail store has moved entirely online now but the spirit of supporting mothers still remains!