Dynamic Body Balancing

craniosacral therapy st. cloud mnDynamic body balancing blends several soft tissue modalities (craniosacral and myofascial therapies plus movement) to balance the body. During pregnancy, we give extra focus to the pelvis to alleviate common pregnancy aches and pains, heartburn, shortness of breath, nausea, headaches, swelling, and sciatica. Paula Roufs certified with Dr. Carol Phillips' Dynamic Body Balancing technique to help expectant women enjoy their pregnancies more but also aid in smoother, shorter labors and better birth outcomes.

infant craniosacral therapy st cloud mnPaula also works on infants to help with breastfeeding/latch issues, tongue and lip tie revisions, torticollis, reflux, and other concerns. She serves people in the St. Cloud area at her office in For All of Maternity. For more information on bodywork, please visit our Prenatal Bodywork website.

$40 - 30 min (only for infant/children)
$65 - 1 hour

$75 - 75 min
$85 - 90 min